Just like the old one, this script creates a Null Object at your current selection. Because the old one was just a little script-log script and had some flaws, I’ve revisited it and added some additional features. There are some handy grouping functionalities and some shortcuts for the AEC-Workflow with After Effects.
And last but not least it recognizes your layers and will add the Nulls accordingly!

Please check the Video or the list below for full features and Modifier-Keys.

Adds Null at Axis
(No Object selected): Adds Null into Scene

(One Object selected): Axis-Null as Child
(Multiple Objects selected): Null as Child for every selected Object

(One Object selected): Groups Selection under selected Axis
(Multiple Objects selected): Groups Selection under last selected Object

Groups Objects at PSR 0;1;0

Adds Axis-Null as Next Object

Null for every selected Object as Next Object

(One Object selected): Axis-AEC-Null as Child
(Multiple Objects selected): AEC_Null as Child for every selected Object

Adds Axis-AEC-Light as Child